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 Need For Speed: SHIFT

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Registracija : 2009-09-19
Godine : 28
Komentari : 1433
Mjesto : Banja Luka
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Need For Speed: SHIFT   Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:24 am

Need For Speed: SHIFT (2009/RUS/ENG/MULTI10/Repack)

Year of the release: 2009
Genres: Arcade/Racing (Cars)/Of simulator/3d
Developer: Electronic Of arts
Publisher: Electronic Of arts
Platform: PC

Minimum system requirements:
? Processor Of pentium of 4 3.2 GHz
? 1 Gb of working storage (2 Gb for Vista)
? [Videokarta] with the support of [pikselnykh] [sheyderov] of 3rd version and 256 mb. of the video
? 10 Gb of vacant on the winchester
? Operating system Windows XP SP3 or Windows Of vista SP1

Recommended system requirements:
? Processor Of intel Of core of 2 Duo 2,5 GHz
? 2 Gb of working storage (3 Gb for Vista)
? [Videokarta] with the support of [pikselnykh] [sheyderov] of 3rd version and 512 mb. of the video
? 10 Gb of vacant on the winchester
? Operating system Windows XP SP3 or Windows Of vista SP1

Type of the publication: the license
Language of the interface: MULTI (it is explained?)
Wafer: It is present

Description: Need of for Of speed SHIFT - this is new turn in the development of a legendary racing
series Of need of for Of speed. This ?thirst of velocity? you yet did not see! Illegal races along the
streets of night cities remained in the past. The large serious auto-sport, where in the [turnirnykh]
tables burn serious passions, now waits you, and automobiles on the route develop the velocities,
inaccessible not to one [sportkaru] on the urban superhighways! Need of for Of speed SHIFT places as the
chief concern entertainment and unprecedented realism. Here you simply do not see automobile and route,
but you feel each turning, each hill and each stone under the wheel. Governing bolide with the form
because of the control, you will obtain the unforgettable impressions. Game excellently transmits the
sensations of the driver, who at the enormous velocity rushes along the twisting route. It slightly heels
you on the turnings, tosses up on the hillocks and pitilessly shakes, it turns over and twists in the

Special features of the game:
? Screen will become windshield. Game so accurately transmits the sensations of racer that the customary
environment disappears, and screen is converted into windshield bolide carrying at the reckless velocity.
Looking at proceeding by the eyes of driver, you will feel the influence of inertia and gravity, and also
with personal eyes you will see, as changes the peace, when speedometer goes off scale. At the enormous
velocity the sight completely is focused to route, and all nearest objects seemingly are eroded.
? Who you? The specially created system Of driver Of profile tracks your evolution in the game and is
created your unique pattern of racer. It considers the set of the parameters, including the style of
driving, a quantity of victories and a quantity of glasses, collected for the virtuoso passed turnings
and the perfect outstrippings. Driver Of profile influences the development of career and even that, as
new machines are opened.
? Unforgettable car wrecks. After encountering with another automobile or static restriction, you will
actually feel yourselves by a participant in the serious emergency. The complex combination of sonic and
visual effects creates the staggering illusion of presence. It is easy whether to real racers to continue
round after collision at the enormous velocity? Now you learn this themselves!
? Comprehensive [tyuning]! Automobile in your authority, make with it, anything. [Tyuning] is necessary
for two tasks. First, it makes it possible to attain from the machine of this behavior on the route,
which to you is necessary. In the second , it makes bolide unique. You can experiment both with the
exterior view of automobile and with the formulation of interior.
? Photo-realistic machines and route. You can sit down at the control of 70 automobiles, scrupulously
copied from the actually existing machines. In their number Of pagani Of zonda F, Audi RS4 and Porsche
911 GT3 RSR. Races pass both on the present tracks, like Willow Of springs and Laguna Of seca and along
the fictitious routes, for example, in the center of London and Tokyo.
? Shared races. Several shared network modes are represented besides single career in the game.
? From the creators GT Of legends and GTR 2. together with the studio of Box's Black at the game worked
the instruction Of slightly Of mad Of studios, which was become famous by the serious sport autos-
simulator GT Of legends and GTR 2.

Type of the publication: Repack by OF R.G. ReCoding
Language of the interface: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), German (GER), Spanish (SPA), Polish (POL), Dutch

(NL), Italian (ITA), Hungarian (HUN), French (FRE), slovakian (CS)
[Tabletka]: It is not required

Special features of [repaka]:
- Nothing it is cut
- Not [perezhato] into smaller [bitreyt]


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Need For Speed: SHIFT
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